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Bride & Groom


Hellen Nyawira


Hellen is Kenyan born and bred. She is a lawyer with a leaning towards human rights work. Currently she is working as an advocacy officer for the Deaf in Kenya. Beyond that she is passionate about God – knowing Him and living out her purpose in Him. She loves music and has a gift for singing/song writing. She has also tried her hand at playing guitar, but is not anywhere near good yet! lol! She loves traveling, going out for movies, having new culinary experiences, going for crazy outdoor adventures and making memories that will last. 


Emmanuel Crown


Emmanuel was born and raised in Nigeria before he moved to Kenya to pursue his undergraduate degree. He is an innovative young man who has won many awards and accolades through the use of his God-given talent in IT and he is currently working as a web developer. He is a committed Christian, dedicated to doing what God has called him to do. He is also a singer/song writer as well as a fantastic key board player who has had his music receiving airplay in radio stations In Kenya and beyond.  He is facinated by anything tech, and admits that he can't stay more than 2 meters away from a computer :), he loves (1)coding, (2) coding and (3) coding.. when he isn't loving coding he also loves music and action movies and aspires to feature in one someday :).

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Our Love Stories

How we met

15 Aug 2015

We met in November 2009 in church - Winners Chapel Nairobi. He was already a member of the youth choir and I had just recently joined. I can’t remember the first time I saw him. My first vivid memory was being asked to play Mary while he played Joseph for a Christmas play the youth choir was...

Then he asked me out

14 Aug 2015

It was the last day of Bible School, February 25th, and I think he realized we wouldn’t really be able to spend so much time together again unless we made it official.. So he confessed that he liked me and wanted us to be more than friends. I was surprised to say the truth, I liked him too but I...

Our Engagement Story

14 Aug 2015

We spent a full year without seeing each other when Emmanuel first left Kenya to work in the US and we were both over the moon with excitement when he finally got the opportunity to come visit in December 2012.
On 12.12.12 (talk about a perfect date!) we went out with a couple of friends...

Our Love Songs

28 Sep 2015

Over the years given that we are both very passionate about music, its inevitable that our love has been expressed musically.
Emmanuel started this off on our very first Valentine's day together when he surprised me with a home studio recorded song. That started off a span of many more...

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Helen was youth worship leader in winners chapel...and for sure she was just the best of the best.may God bless their union with Emmanuel.I wish them the very best......can't miss this

Beryl Jones

"You're getting married!!! And now that it's finally happening I can confess a few things. Firstly, that God has an amazing way of making things work. So when Emmanuel left in 2011 to go to the USA, I was happy to have a sista in my GILDR (Girls in long distance relationships) support group. It was nice to have someone to reminisce about the good dates we had with our boyfriends, to rant to when Skype was down and when we spent all our money on data bundles, to have someone help you think of a gift to send on Valentine's or birthdays. I liked how 2015 at that time seemed so far away. We longed for it, tried countdowns and now it's here!! I know it'll be your happiest date yet, but I also know there may be a few jitters here and there. But am sure you two will make a great couple. Your love and friendship to each other is undeniable. I've always admired how you two relate to each other. Waiting expectantly for the 21st Nov!! "

Annie Oloo

Bridal Party

Groom's Men

Bride's Maids

Joe kaberi


Joe Kaberi is a lecturer and musician married to his college sweet heart Paula Joseph. He loves traveling cycling swimming and singing. Joe and Emm... Read More

Dan Likavo


Dan is a communications manager, a youth pastor and worship leader. He is passionate about serving God, loves reading, race driving and tea.  Dan a... Read More

Kedy Thuo


Kedy is a Corporate Banker, fascinated by numbers, loves music and spoken word. He met both Emmanuel and Hellen through the youth choir in church a... Read More

Bahati Shyncs


Bahati is a Software Developer, fascinated by human anatomy, loves rock music, watching movies and swimming.Bahati and Emmanuel are long time colle... Read More

Joseph Crown


Joseph is Emmanuel's younger brother and twin brother to Joshua. He is a first year university computer science student  who enjoys web/ graphics d... Read More

Joshua Crown


Joshua is Emmanuel's younger brother and twin brother to Joseph. He is a first year computer science university student and software developer the... Read More

David Wagura


David is Hellen's younger brother. He is a second year IT student at Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology. He's a young, energeti... Read More

Paula Joseph


Pauline is an IT consultant working as a project manager at a multinational organization. She met with Hellen through Emmanuel. They (Pauline and E... Read More

Anne Oloo


Anne is an aspiring human rights activist/savior of the world (lol!) but at the moment she's a lawyer. They met with Hellen in high school, were in... Read More

Felicia Mwachofi


Felicia currently works as a researcher, though she is also a naturally gifted designer.  Hellen and Felicia met in church… youth choir to be speci... Read More

Nelly Tehillah


Nelly is a hotel front office administrator and also mummy to the cutest little boy you ever did see! She granted Hellen the privilege of having he... Read More

Sheila Kaburu


Sheila is a lawyer currently working in the corporate world.Hellen and Sheila went to high school together, were in the same house in fact, but bar... Read More

Maureen Mukuhi


Maureen is a beautician hiding in an accountant's body. She has a natural eye for fashion and beauty but is currently working as an accountant. The... Read More

Flora Mwachofi


Flora is a music teacher with a passion for music and children. She was more like a mentor to Hellen when they first started out, but eventually th... Read More

Winnie Flavian


Winnie is an accounts student, as well as a hardworking entrepreneur. As is the case with most of her close friends, Hellen and Winnie met in churc... Read More

Karen Mwikhoma


Karen is a brilliant young girl looking foward to join std 1 in January. She loves swimming,dancing baley singing and playing computer games. She i... Read More

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